Try to improve these areas as much as possible. I did not do any outside reading apart from the workshops and googling terms and people with which or whom I was unfamiliar. Here are some additional, practice writing prompts and exercises to help you prepare for your PTK exam essay:. How hard is the test? The Pathway to success program: I paid for the exam so I should be able to see it. It is important to be very organized and clear in your essays.

Writing Prompt Lesson planning is an essential component of effective teaching. In what area are you considering becoming certified? I never bothered to become certified because I didn’t need to do so. Begin practicing for the essay as soon as possible. I’ve just about made up my mind to go for it, but I plan to stay in Mo and I will go for the Language Arts for grades Practice structuring your essay.

When I decided to move into the public school system last year, personnel at the county school district office recommended ABCTE to me.

PTK Writing Sample 4-B

Very little studying has gotten done; the job is It’s also helpful to look at the work of Piaget and Maslow. A couple of them said that if I am to be certified by the state of Missouri, that is good enough. Oh, boy, was I right.

abcte ptk essay questions

I am learning as I go in many regards, but little anchors book learning into the mind as much as experience. I received my essay score On February 26th, freetrialhist says:.


I’ve called around and asked some employers, and I can’t find anyone who has even heard of abcte. Write a memo to your fellow teachers describing strategies for qusstions a positive classroom environment.

Lesson planning is an essential component of effective teaching. For general questions call: View detailed profile Advanced or search site with.

abcte ptk essay questions

Comments Responses to this topic below, starting with the most recent response: I was very nervous about the On April 29th, birdstheword84 says:. I watched this webinar about three times. Concerning keeping my current job, I abctee believe that if I complete certification with the state of Missouri by August, my school will rehire me, regardless of whatever method certification is obtained.

I have a bachelor’s degree in music, and I taught music in addition to English Language Arts in high school. I passed the ELA exam questions and a writing component with a Distinguished ratingand the PTK questions and a writing component with a score of I have been a teacher in Christian schools for 25 questjons.

I paid for the exam so I should be able to see it. Or should we write in an undefined format i. The typing was the longest for me and I’m a proficient typistso if you are not a good typist, you really need to practice your speed. In your memo, include the types of information that ought to be included in a lesson plan, the reasons why lesson questiions are useful, and what can happen if you do not sufficiently plan lessons.


How I Scored a 6 on the PTK Essay | ABCTE

I have already passed my other exams, so what do I have to lose? I just received my PTK essay score and I didn’t pass, again. Trish – I answered your question in another post – yes, you will have to take the entire exam again!

abcte ptk essay questions

In the few months since I signed up, numerous resources have been added that are very helpful, especially to the PTK portion. Moreover, if lessons are carefully planned, esay problems will be encountered.

Furthermore, the students will have lesser reasons for misbehaving and for giving a poor academic performance.

PTK Writing Sample 4-B | ABCTE

In your memo, please describe some strategies for cultivating a positive classroom, the benefits of creating a positive environment for students, and how you will include parents in this endeavor. I questons the reviewer for specific examples of my errors, and he ezsay me I misspelled some words and that my paragraphs were too long. Let us all work toward helping each of our students develop their potentials. I was very frustrated. I made up names for students, teachers and the school in my essay.

One of the requirements for this program is a minimum number of hours teaching.