Following this definition, an overt translation makes it clear that a translation is only a version rendered from the original. Anthroponyms Let us look at the previous example Example 10 from a different perspective, namely from the point of view of a reference to personal names. Furthermore, the names of holidays listed in the example 21 were also partially substituted in the target text. Therefore it becomes almost impossible to transfer a SC element to TC without any significant alterations hence direct transfer is not present. Click here to sign up. Perspectives on Audiovisual Translation, Frankfurt am Main: Thus, the following sections are an overview of concepts which will be helpful in systematizing the material analyzed in the final part of the work as well as a few classifications of translatory techniques which focus on translating cultural aspects.

Example 3 Hoover Dam! Thus the translator’s task is much more complex than when it comes to translating the text only as AVT with its many advantages has also a lot of constraints, each mode of AVT requiring slightly different approach. Stopien nizszy to Foundation Degree – czym bylby licencjat. The company specializes in the production of balls for many sports, but is most-known for its basketballs. Return to KudoZ list. Example 8 Canada, can we? The toponym is here conjoined with a postmodifier and it refers to a local train to Stamford leaving from Grand Central Terminal.

Jak w reklamie pasty. Especially the category labeled as history, culture and customs may seem controversial as it covers quite extensive life spheres but it is a deliberate decision as in the examples provided later va it would be extremely difficult to separate those elements.

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English Well, there is no trace of her change of mind in the report, whereas it is full of testimonies by journalists who share the rapporteur’s thesis. Example 15 We should’ve brought tlunaczenie and dip! What is interesting, in original the reference to Sad Diego is maintained consistently throughout the whole film whereas in Polish version already a few lines later the reference to Sopot is no longer continued and the reference to San Diego takes its place.

Thus the covert translation can entail quite significant alterations comparing to the original text. This strange but harmonious team has a lot of funny and thfsis scary adventures on the uninhabited island where the reign has a crazy lemur addressed to as King Julian.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs produced by Walt Disney tlu,aczenie considered to be the first film dubbed into Polish a year after its release. As the concepts of Christmas and Halloween are easily recognized among the Polish audience, there thesls no need for translating those two elements along with the previous ones.

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But usually the main allegation against lip-synched dubbing is the loss of authenticity ibid. Peter Newmark and the concept of cultural gap In Peter Newmark, an English professor tlumaczeniie translation, in the book A Textbook of Translation introduced the concept of cultural word. House’s overt and covert translation However, in Madagascar the situation is slightly different as it would be impossible to apply a lot of elements characteristic for Polish culture to the film so deeply rooted in American culture.

Shamu is the name of the first killer whale to survive more than 13 months in captivity and was the star of a very popular show at SeaWorld San Diego in the s.

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As Tomaszkiewicz emphasizes, this is only an overview of the ways in which translator can overcome the difficulties connected to cultural elements transfer. Login to enter a peer comment or grade. Thus the translator’s task is much more complex than when it comes to translating the text only as AVT with its many advantages has also a lot of constraints, each mode of AVT requiring slightly different approach. This circumstance causes a lot of difficulty as in some situations it becomes almost impossible to substitute a cultural aspect of the source culture SC which may not be understood by the target audience by something that shall evoke a similar effect in the target culture TC.

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Do you want to translate into other languages? Interestingly, the periphrasis is used already in TT and it describes an aspect of the target culture. However, thanks to the specificity of dubbing as a mode of AVT, it became possible to domesticate Polish dialogues to make them more appealing to the target audience by introducing elements characteristic for the Polish culture. She remarks that a combination of strategies is also possible ibid.


Toponyms References to real places are a source of another difficulty. Periphrasis — an element from SC is transferred to TL with an additional explanation or the description of the element appears on its own. There are two predominant modes of AVT, namely subtitling and dubbing. Context sentences Context sentences for “thesis” in Tlimaczenie These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate.

ba thesis tlumaczenie

Patents, Trademarks, Bx Law: The man is famous baa his white suits which he started to wear already in the s and this tendency has become his distinguishing feature.

However, the reference is not explicit as in the original thus not only cultural substitution but also elements of periphrasis can be identified on the basis of the provided example. Example 24 Now I have to compete with Shamu and his smug little grin.

Have a look at our French-English dictionary. However, some of the concepts were added or labeled differently, other simplified, modified or conjoined to form a tlumaczenei theoretical background for the further analysis. Translating cultural aspects For the needs of this thesis the categorization of cultural aspects as well as the number of translation procedures applied to the empirical part of this paper shall be limited for the reasons of clarity and lucidity of argumentation.

Term search All of ProZ. The translator decided to substitute an element tlumaczenoe would not be understood by the target audience with an element strictly bound to the Polish culture.