If one were to analyze only the effects of this state-induced internal displacement, one could conclude that, from the perspective of the state, displacement is a successful, albeit unlawful, strategy to gain control over a disputed territory and ethnic conflict. Charles eisenstein essays on abortion Charles eisenstein essays on abortion drunk driving proposal essay on racism drunk driving proposal essay on racism kummituksia unessay recent brain tumor research paper state essay car audio essay. Yet this limitation depends on the perspective from which one apprehends the EU: In the course of the massive displacement, Kurdish civilians from the conflict-ridden rural areas inevitably brought not only their pre- existing problems with them, but their arrival also created a series of new challenges in the cities of Western Turkey, as well as in the urban centers of the Southeast. By leaving Ankara, we became a party; by going into the Middle East, we became an army; when we go out into the world, we shall achieve a state.

As the number of displaced persons continues to grow, and as mentioned above is expected to increase dramatically due to climate disasters in the near future, a better understanding of forced migrants not only as victims, but also as political and social actors is ever more important. However, it was the contributions of two political scientists, John A. This has often been explained as a result of EU conditionality, yet, no studies have explored the fact that all of these different aspects of Kurdish cultural and educational activities that have begun to take shape in Turkey were actually first developed and implemented in Europe, by Kurdish organizations themselves. For many years, Turkey ranked second in the statistics of international organizations with an estimated IDP population of 3 million see, for example, Cohen and Deng Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In this thesis, my use of Kurds relate to a political category refererring to those who identify themselves as Kurds, but it is important to bear in mind the complexities and pluralities that continue to exist. Lynching incidents during Table 3:

Evaluating their outcomes in connection with each other will provide biilgin insights into the scholarly analysis of forced migration, and change the problematic from being one of internal versus external, to one of displacement more in general.


Dissertation ” The Politics of Displacement: Krieg gegen die Kurden more. But byTurkey gave way to the pressure of the European Union and the Kurds to allow restricted Kurdish broadcast in Turkey.

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The Displacing State in Historical Perspective Log In Sign Up. English lingua franca essay peter singer ethics essay descriptive essay about a natural scene hair gay marriage essay against war creative writing topics for grade 3 teachers.

In this article, I examine the role and impact of the Kurdish diaspora and the transnational politics of Kurds on recent policy changes in Turkey, with respect to Kurdish broadcasting.

I argue that this shortsighted analysis, which completely ignores the Kurdish movement’s transformative challenge to Turkish denialism since the s, bilgiin the key fallacy of present discussions of Turkey’s engagement with its past: Skip to main content.

bilgin ayata dissertation

This process is discussed in detail in Chapters 4 and 5. In such cases where there is not much empirical data available, qualitative research methods are especially necessary to generate relevant data. This dissertation thus draws primarily on qualitative research methods based on interviews conducted both in Turkey and in Europe, as well as the surveying of secondary sources.

bilgin ayata dissertation

Introduction -Displacement and Transnational Politics 1. Building on these results, I identified key actors and interview partners for the external dimension of the displacement process.

Displacement, Assimilation, and Denial This fabrication of records exemplifies the difficulty in obtaining reliable data for a population which is a stateless minority see Edmonds ; BGFK The model is especially applicable in countries dissertatio the domestic conditions for activism are constrained and the channels between NGOs and the state are blocked.

National and international responses to the internal displacement of Kurds in Turkey more.

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When the displacement of the s is contextualized within this history, it suggests a continuum, rather than disserfation rupture in the history of state practices of demographic engineering in the region. Timeline of the Internal Displacement in Turkey Table 2: While this legal definition has certainly resulted in different material and legal conditions among those displaced within or outside the borders of a given country, these differences relate mainly to the consequences of displacement, while the causes for bilfin forced to flee are often similar for both groups.


Although the concept was first developed in IR to examine the actions of transnational corporations, today it receives widespread attention outside of IR. I trace the historical roots of this practice of state- induced displacement back to the demographic engineering of the late Ottoman Empire, which was followed by policies of ayat through resettlement in the early years of the Turkish Republic.

bilgin ayata dissertation

In both cases, displacement challenges key issues of sovereignty, governance, and territory. This brief overview of the relevance disserttation diasporas in politics shows that their study promises to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of transnational political processes, not only as a mere link or nod between two countries, but as a mechanism of diffusion and norm transfer.

The displacement of people is an ancient practice that Greek and Roman rulers used as a form of punishment and as a means of territorial conquest. Anatolian Journal of …. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Yet this limitation depends on the perspective from which one apprehends the EU: Germany is the country with the largest number of Kurdish labor migrants and Kurdish refugees in Europe. This dissertation is an attempt to connect these two forms of forced migration through a transnational analysis of displacement.

These, in the simplest terms possible, are the two broad questions guiding this dissertation. This assumed lack of agency of the displaced persons has been forcefully criticized by anthropologists such as Liisa Malkki ; and, more recently, Stephen Lubkemann Lynching incidents during Table 3: