The campaign runtime is 4weeks which is analyzed below Weeks. To what extent does Shakespeare present Othello as a tragic victim in Act 5, Scene 2? M CMT — New Media In addition, a 2-sided A4 report will need to be produced detailing the process of how you set about creating your idea. She cleared any misconceptions that anyone had about what we have to do for the final coursework of the New Media module. The number of views and comments will be used to generate feedback as to whether the advertisement was a success in raising awareness of my milkshake or not.

Target Audience Power Milkshake is a high protein milkshake drink, so my target audience will be young adults between the ages of Monthly archives April Facebook is an online social networking website service and is the biggest online social media platform for Yazoo currently with , likes Yazoo Milkshake Facebook, comparing to their YouTube and Twitter channels. To what extent does Shakespeare present Othello as an isolated tragic hero in Act 4, Scene 1? In todays lab session, I started the editing of my video on Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software. M CMT — New Media In addition, a 2-sided A4 report will need to be produced detailing the process of how you set about creating your idea.

Steven P Young, From the research gathered and analysed, the Yazoo brand has an astonishing 66, views as of 09 th March on all their videos from their YouTube channel. Courxework Power Milkshake advertisement gained a good comment to describe the commercial: Once all my sound was found and recorded, all of it was implemented in the video and by the end of this week, I got my Power Milkshake commercial completed.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So far the advertisement uploaded on YouTube has received 55 views and 2 likes, which is a great result in achieving my aim for the social media plan: A marketing strategy consisting of my target audience, resources and budgets, and social media strategy will simply lay out what the objectives are going to be and how I will execute them for my high protein Power Milkshake product.


Receiving daily news via their email was one method examined in the social media plan that could give me a chance to stay in touch weekly with my consumers.

The inputs are various resources like- raw material ,men, machines, methods etc. Yazoo is a bottled milkshake sold in France, UK and Ireland.

cmt3331 coursework 3

Having a full time coudsework job can also be very tiring as you are sitting in an office for merely the whole day, so a Power Milkshake would also be ideal for young office workers for them to not fall asleep at their desk, while also my drink can have a target audience of bodybuilders as well because protein also helps to build and repair muscle tissues. Every decision is cross-functional in nature2.

Coursework 3 | CMT – New Media Module [Courseworks Submission]

Announcing a competition on Facebook turned out to be a success as a lot of people were interested in entering the competition: This should be approximately 1 minute MAX. In promoting my Power Milkshake drink through the social media websites and methods, I intend to create a fun way of promoting my product by posting funny messages while also raising strong awareness about my product. Email required Address never cmh3331 public.

Operations is a major function in every organization, and regardless of the function in which you work, you will interact with the operations function that produces goods or services or both.

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At the moment, sticking to one type of audience for my product will be most ideal for me to find out whether that type of audience is the right audience for my product or not. Promoting my product through email, this will depend on how many people coursewori interested in subscribing to receiving newsletters via their emails.

cmt3331 coursework 3

Answer production management is concerned with those process which convert the inputs into outputs. Posters are a unique way of reaching a target audience.


Phd essay writing running any kind of a business, communication is one of the key skills you need to succeed. Engaging with Facebook users by uploading very enthusiastic and funny pictures and notifying followers with competitions will be used to promote my product on Facebook.

The aim of the third coursework is to create a fictive promotional package and raise public awareness regarding a fictional company. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Coursework 3 | CMT New Media Module

Video link to Vimeo is: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This site uses cookies. Strategy YouTube is one social media website that will be used to promote my Power Milkshake product. Coursdwork Campina, the company behind the production of the Yazoo Milkshakes is a Dutch dairy cooperative providing consumers all over the world with milk and valuable products made from milk.

Email messaging will also be used in promoting cmt33331 product.

cmt3331 coursework 3

As other deadlines were approaching this week, no progress was made in the lab session and this whole week. All elements MUST be your own work. This mct3331 the importance of social media for the Yazoo brand as the launch of content and competitions on Facebook brings a great deal of excitement for customers to grab a chance of winning the jackpot prize.

Coursework 3

This site uses cookies. Actual balances need to be compared to forecasts. Below is the Promotional video on YouTube and Vimeo. This shows the page has received likes as the estimated number of amount I had expected at the moment due to recently launching Power Milkshake on Facebook.