Learn more with Brainly! In fact, this is one of those few board games where doubles is allowed. There are many more rules and laws to carrom, as adopted by the International Carrom Federation. I found several online sites where I could buy one. The board has a rectangular line around the perimeter, which is the base line from which players make their shots. This is a very simple game to play and there aren’t a lot of carrom rules to remember. If a piece lands on its end or overlaps, it is left that way.

It is more similar to marbles or air hockey than it is to other board games such as Monopoly. Carrom is a game that requires skill, practice and determination. Not sure about the answer? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here As the kids play Carrom, various educational skills would be enhanced. The basic objective of carrom is to use the striker with a flick of the finger to drive the carrommen into any of the four corner pockets.

Please enter the code: Moreover it would also help kids to master problem solving as well as cognitive skills.

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Garry Crystal Edited By: Carrom is my favourite game and it is one of the world’s favorite indoor board games. The game also give a chance to get more quality family time which has become extinct these days.


essay indoor games carrom

As electronic handheld indoof, video games, and computer software hit the market, most of the board games were pushed aside at every home.

For example, we have a carrom board that is also set up so you can play a game of checkers and quite a few other games as well.

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essay indoor games carrom

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The usual colours are white and black for the players and red for the Queen. I am going to see if I eszay find a cheap carrom board game set! My kids love playing this with their grandparents, and everybody has a good time.

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The main attraction and advantage of the Carrom is that it give the parents a great way to gamds valuable time with the children. This Day in History.

I want a free account. I think there are many advantages to playing carrom. Register username password confirm email. The game carron believed to have originated hundreds of years ago. Lastly i enjoy playing this game and it is my hobby. If there are three players, they are able to play against each other.


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Answer quality is ensured by our experts. My kids first played this game at a friends house and were all excited about it. As the kids play Carrom, various educational skills would be enhanced. It can be played by Twothree or four player.

Carrom – A Board Game

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What are the Rules of cqrrom Game Go Fish? The object of the game is to sink all of your pieces before your opponent manages to sink theirs.

essay indoor games carrom

The aim of the game is to pot pocket one’s nine carrom men and the Queen before your opponent. This site uses cookies. Unlike other indoor games, there are no mixed doubles team. Learn something new every day More Info I have heard carrom described as ‘finger pool’ because it is similar to playing a game of pool, but on a much smaller scale.