Post-Application and College Life. While this is still true, a broad range of students can find a home in our community. Another third is devoted to the humanities and social sciences- an emphasis unequale by any accredited engineering college in the nation. Join the discussion View all Discussions. Binding Early Decision program. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Just shoot for those stats and some good ECs and your fine.

Once we receive your application: Check on Common App and on the supplement that you are applying ED. Already have an account? Harvey Mudd admits, share your stats! In addition to this, Harvey Mudd states the following [2]: Because they excel at communicating their knowledge, they are talented tutors and committed peers. High School Rank of Enrolled Students for schools that provide percentile or exact rank as of theiur class of

Workshop on Admission and Financial Aid. Answered Aug 9, We mail decisions by December Keep discussion on topic. A group of finalists will be selected and contacted to schedule an interview specifically for PSP.

Scholarships and Financial Aid. Always remember the human and follow the reddiquette. No point in asking because everyone is going to say 3.

harvey mudd psp essay

You dismissed this ad. Based on what the Common Data Set [1] says. Comparative rankings over time among top schools.

harvey mudd psp essay

We hear often from recommenders that our students were the ones who, despite their own strong performance in mucd, were eager to help others who were struggling. As a result of these concerns and in light of recent student deaths, it would come as no surprise if the admission committee tried to surmise who would fit best into this academically demanding environment.


Harvey Mudd College

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How good is Harvey Mudd College? Another third is devoted to the humanities and social sciences- an emphasis unequale by any accredited engineering college in the nation. Comments which are inflammatory, racist, rude, attacking, etc. As a residential college, freshmen are required to live on campus, and 99 percent of students remain on campus in one of the eight dormitories. Peter Osgood, Director of Admission Phone: Submit a new text post.

Unlike many other high level STEM institutions upwards of 30 percent of their curriculum will be in HSA, and all students will declare a concentration — just short of a minor — in one of these areas.

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Just think Ivy level and thats it. Don’t have an account?

harvey mudd psp essay

Secondarily, you need to be quirky, able to get along with other quirky people, capable of teamwork, and have a sense of ethics. They do not have to have specific major or career plans since we give them 2 years before they declare a major, but they have to be fairly certain that their chosen major will fall in the STEM fields.


Already have an account? What are some horror stories about attending Harvey Mudd? I get what you’re saying, though.

I suppose he was looking for evidence of raw talent and would let the profs introduce me to the Way of the All-Nighter Delighter.

Harvey Mudd admits, share your stats! : ApplyingToCollege

While this is still true, a broad range mmudd students can find a home in our community. They will be removed on sight.

They have to be excited about the idea of collaboration.

Demonstrate a potential for leadership at Harvey Mudd College. What is Harvey Mudd College known for? Class rank Standardized test scores Extracurricular activities Considered: Economics and music are two of the most popular but any of the fields offered at Harvey Mudd College and the other Claremont Colleges are options.