Another outstanding reflective essay. Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the more important things affirmative action can do is to define exactly what racial discrimination is and how it might manifest itself within a specific institution. Which of these, if any, do you find compelling, and why? Because we ignored the means, the goals have not been reached, and the real work remains to be done. Place a similar order with us or any form of academic custom essays related subject and it will be delivered within its deadline. Too often the result of this, on campuses for example has been a democracy of colors rather than of people, an artificial diversity that gives the appearance of an educational parity between black and white students that has not yet been achieved in reality.

He requires family and community support. To be against them is to be unkind. Nevertheless, on an equally atavistic level, the black will be aware of the reflex his color triggers and will feel a stab of horror at seeing himself reflected in this way. This is an incentive to be reliant on others just as we are struggling for self-reliance. Shelby Steele is opposed to affirmative action Steele Shelby Term paper. The old sin is reaffirmed in a new guise. Of course, one could argue that this taint, which is, after all, in the minds of whites, becomes nothing more than an excuse to discriminate against blacks.

And I think part of the anxiety many blacks feel over these decisions has to do with the loss of black power that they may signal. Worse, white incompetence is always an individual matter, but for blacks it is often confirmation of ugly stereotypes. In this controversial essay.

shelby steele affirmative action essay

What was wrong was that both races focused more on the goals of those mandates than on the means to the goals. It tells us that racial preferences can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Rather than ask it to ensure easay opportunity we have demanded that it create parity between the races. This paper examines Shelby Steele’s essay Affirmative action was conceived of as a way to compensate blacks for years of separatist policies and socially.


Night has fallen on racial preferences, not on the fundamental rights of black Americans. But after twenty years of implementation I think that affirmative action has shown itself to be more bad than good and that blacks—whom I will focus on in this essay—now stand to lose more from it than they gain.

By making black the color of preference, these mandates have reburdened society with the very marriage of color and preference in reverse that we set out to eradicate. The old sin is reaffirmed in a new guise. Analysis he charges that they have been denied full equality by public policies such as affirmative action preferences. A response for question Shelby steele affirmative action.

I think this reflex and the attributions that may follow it embarrass most whites today, therefore, it is usually quickly repressed. Affirmative action does not work, Steele contends.

But this argument does not get around the fact that racial preferences now taint this color with a new theme of suspicion that makes blacks even more vulnerable to discrimination. The author of this essay assumes that affirmative action programs should support equality of opportunity, not quotas.

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Introduction One of the most vexing questions about American race relations concerns the wisdom and fairness of our programs of affirmative action, practices that, in atcion name of justice and fairness, give one form or acrion of preferential treatment acion blacks and other victims of prior discriminationin order to help them overcome the handicaps incurred as a result of prior injustice and deprivation. Sunday, July 26, America s war over affirmative action has gone on longer.


May 15, “The only thing that makes me interesting as a writer,” Shelby Steele says, a prominent critic of affirmative action, Steele is the author of “White Guilt: I believe affirmative action is problematic in our society because it tries to function like a social program.

We cannot be sure that the discriminatory impulse in America has yet been ashamed into extinction, and I believe affirmative actiion can make its greatest contribution by providing a rigorous vigilance in this area.

This is an incentive to be reliant on others just as we are struggling for self-reliance. I think we need social policies that are committed to two goals: And I would never sneer at these good intentions.

shelby steele affirmative action essay

The effects of this may be a subject for another essay. Legally, this was achieved through a series of executive orders and EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] guidelines that allowed racial imbalances in the workplace to stand as proof of racial discrimination.

Shelby Steele is opposed agfirmative affirmative action Steele Shelby Term paper. Feb 20, I also pleaded especially for affirmative end to the condescension of affirmative action, The goal of this essay.

shelby steele affirmative action essay

Place a similar order with us or any form of academic custom essays related subject and it will be delivered within its deadline. Shelby Steele is the Robert J.

shelby steele affirmative action essay

Foraker Joseph Bottum Sffirmative H. The obvious irony here is that we have become inadvertently invested in the very condition we are trying to overcome.

If this happens, I hope the focus will be on development and anti-discrimination, rather than entitlement, on achieving racial parity rather than jerry-building racial diversity.