Size of videos is dynamically based on the actual size of your browser. Your browser does not support JavaScript! Please copy these numbers required: Leave a comment 4 characters max. Jeffy spends his first Easter with Mario and Rosalina! Barney is no longer my most hated character!

The trio goes near the dining room where Mario shows Jeffy the rules of teeball, and Jeffy asks if he has to tee his eyes on the ball before starting to throw his bat and missing the ball. Mario and Rosalina are watching Star Wars: Jeffy’s Stupid Home Video! The next flash card reads “yo-yo” and Jeffy says it as the letter Y. Giving an appropriate title to your set will help internet users to find it..

Smart Jeffy and Jeffy’s Homework don’t make sense.

Mario’s response is to try and shoot himself, but Rosalina yells at him to stop. After Jeffy reaches the tenth card, Mario says he’s done, but Rosalina tells hommework he can keep going, and Jeffy continues, despite Mario’s beggings.

Mario at first becomes infuriated and tries to commit suicide to prevent being stressed, but he reluctantly agrees after he tells Rosalina. Try it on a large TV screen, it’s impressive!

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SML Movie: Jeffy’s Homework!

The Force Awakens, but Jeffy irritates Mario with his cat piano. Mario tells him it takes two 4s to make an 8, but Jeffy believes it’s a baby 4 two 4s love each other and make a baby 4and tries to cover up the four on the card to prove his reasoning.

Mario tries to teach him the correct pronounciation but Jeffy keeps saying Y. Jump cut to the evening that next day, where Rosalina and Mario are sitting next to each other, with Mario’s face mostly jefyf and his forehead wrapped from the teeball hit. Rosalina suggests baseball, but Mario says that’s too dangerous and comes up with tee ball. There is then a jump supremariologan to Jeffy colouring a bug picture, making a mess with the bigger one, and Mario becomes so frustrated he just keeps his cool and passes the mess off as practicing.

Jeffy Gets Potty Trained!

SuperMarioLogan’s 8 Jeffy Videos – Youtube Multiplier

Your browser does not support JavaScript! After a conversation, Jeffy starts becoming more eloquent and starts cursing his helmet, pencil, and diaper as well as various scientists while claiming is 8.

Rosalina jefffy shows him a “giraffe” card, and Jeffy reads it as “gi- de -raffe”, but Mario tries to tell him the correct pronounciation and Jeffy says his pronounciation in response, each time saying it slower with his head closer to Mario’s.


supermariologan jeffy homework

Youtube Multiplier is not affiliated with Youtube or Google. Jeffy says there are two ordinary 0s who don’t love each other so the answer is 2, and a stressed out Mario starts an argument with him. Only Youtubemultiplier and Youtube links will be active.

So have fun and enjoy life: It is Goodman, who asks what happened to his head, and Mario replies it was teeball.

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Subscribe to my second account! Mario asks him how he got that, and Jeffy says he “pulled it out of his ass”, much to Rosalina’s frustration due to the language he used. Page actions Page Discussion More Tools. Jeffy spends his first Easter with Mario and Rosalina!

supermariologan jeffy homework

Your browser does not support JavaScript! Jeffy colours a smaller bug green and does it inside the lines, making Mario and Hojework proud of him. Mario believes he’s confused and Rosalina pulls out another card, which is After the arguement, Mario claims Jeffy is a “genius” and skips to the next lesson, which is English.

supermariologan jeffy homework