Enter the course code. Board Examinations and Licensure. If your grades are listed as numbers e. Courses should only be marked as repeated if you repeated them at the same institution i. Enter the course credits exactly as they appear on your transcript. About the Residents and Fellows Council. Marketing and Communications Advisory Council.

If your transcript combines lab and lecture courses into one course, list it as one course on your application. Complete the Colleges Attended section before entering your courses. Continue adding terms, as needed. Outstanding Advancement in Osteopathic Medical Education. Federal Agencies, Commissions, and Committees.

Record full credit values and grades for all repeated courses. You can only list test credits if they were awarded by one of the schools you attended and they appear on your transcript.

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Don’t list courses under the school in which the credits were transferred. Program and Session materials. Osteopathic Core Competencies for Medical Students.


Notice of Repeat Coursework Policy Change

Then, convert the credits by multiplying the number of units listed on your transcript by the conversion factor. News and Events Home. Requirements Reporting coursework accurately is your responsibility. Study Abroad Courses If you studied abroad, indicate the courses you took as part of your institution’s study abroad program. Post Baccalaureate Premedical Programs. You must complete Transcript Review before you can add prerequisites in the Program Materials section.

Federal Agencies, Commissions, and Committees. Overview of Osteopathic Medical Education and Accreditation. Funding and Fees FAQs. I am a DO Student. Diversity in Osteopathic Medical Education. Student DO of the Year.

Transcript Entry

Diversity in Applicants who Matriculated. If your course credits are mostly in “3.

aacomas coursework not complete

Osteopathic Medical Aacpmas Reflect on Resiliency. Withdrawn courses, courses taken at different schools, and courses taken multiple times for new credit i. Financial Aid and Scholarships. Apps, Advice and Resources. Use official copies of your transcripts. If your transcript lists labs separately, you must list them as separate courses on your application as well.


This change applies to students matriculating into the academic year. Continue adding courses, as needed. Event and Meeting Calendar.

Complete the Colleges Attended section before entering your courses. Board Examinations and Licensure. Conference Sessions – Day Three. Ways to Get Involved. History of Osteopathic Medicine. Record the labs exactly as they appear on your transcript.

DO Day of Compassion.