Leaving such things out e. An early chapter e. One or more chapters outlining your own solution. Winograd, Understanding Natural Language. At each level of description you can explain how a program, or part of a program works by presenting:

What would have counted as an unsuccessful outcome for your research? Be sure that the reader understands the scope of your thesis. Commonly required sections of a thesis The following section or chapter headings are required in most theses, though you may find it preferable for some of the items to be spread across several chapters. Several people at Sussex, and Alan Bundy in Edinburgh, have contributed useful suggestions, which led to revisions of early drafts. Include only enough to enable a competent programmer to replicate your program if necessary. It is important to distinguish titles of book chapters or journal articles from titles of books or journals. Evaluation of a new program or technique would include comparing what it achieves with what is achieved by previously existing software and techniques.

It needs to be re-written with a clearer and more logical structure, with hierarchical section headings, etc.

bham thesis latex

Each line is terminated with a double backslash. Evaluation of a theory in cognitive science might include doing experiments on people even if you have not done them you should say which experiments latxe be relevant. Also when you have collected data beware of wild and woolly speculation as to how they are produced. Does the program simply help to check that your theory is consistent and workable?

Presenting your thesis

Include that, unless you can refer to a widely available publication that describes the algorithm very clearly. Why should thezis be interested in your axioms and symbols? Under the terms of option A the electronic thesis is made available on the eTheses Repository for download shortly after submission. If the data refute some previously believed theory then that can be a useful piece of research.


Look at journals in your field and see what they do. Introduction This should give an overview of the main objectives of the thesis, including an account of why the work is worth doing motivate tyesis reader! The stated maximum number of words excludes tables, diagrams including associated legendsappendices, references, footnotes and endnotes, the bibliography and any bound published material.

Choose a set of conventions and stick to them. Overleaf is designed to make the process of writing, editing and producing your research papers and project reports much quicker for both you thesus your collaborators. The opening chapter s Start with a good, clear, compact, complete overview. llatex

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A very common way to make descriptions unintelligible to the reader is to switch rapidly between a high level overview and gory details. There are always limitations to the concepts, theory, technique, or program. You should probably know if this affects you, but if in doubt, talk to your supervisor.

The ltex option is required so that inserted text is treated as special and the LaTeX escaped commands can be used. If you have lots of diagrams or pictures e. These notes bahm intended to guide, but not direct, research students when planning and writing their theses.


bham thesis latex

At the moment, this just extends to increasing the number of environments and macros that it knows how to handle.

NB it is not enough simply to develop some useful software or programming bhqm. If you have tables or figures, number them according to the chapters they are in.

bham thesis latex

References Good scenarios G. A concise Bayesian characterisation, in terms of a ‘necessary condition’ would be that a PhD is a process, which even if it may start with the prior belief that your supervisor is right in everything, it must end with the posterior belief i.

A better way to include images within LaTeX is to use the eepic package. Include ONLY those things you refer to explicitly somewhere.

Lwtex out your draft thesis on at least one other D. There is no point arguing against a view that only a fool would support. One or more chapters outlining your own solution.

The finished table will look like this when output:. What algorithms are employed except where they are trivial How the main program is broken up into smaller ones, at the next level of detail.

In this template the options a4paper and 12pt are used to specify a4 sized paper and a font size of 12pt, 10pt is the default font size. Sometimes discussion of other work nicely sets the stage for your solution.