Rather than compartmentalise themselves as career lawyers interested in money than the people, Slovo, Tambo and Mandela played an active role in the struggles of the oppressed, the exploited and the poor. On many occasions, Nzimande criticised the rulings of the judiciary. UKZN hosts public lecture on the future of work. The key challenge facing young legal practitioners in South Africa is to ensure successful transformation in, and of, the legal fraternity. Some of the Black lawyers who experience the problem contend that it took them on average four months to register articles compared to two weeks for their White counterparts in what essentially remain white legal firms. Retrieved 9 November Republic of South Africa.

Retrieved 9 July Quel avenir pour les acteurs du processus juridique? On 9 May , the late struggle stalwart Albertina Sisulu rose from her seat in the first democratic sitting of Parliament to nominate former statesman Nelson Mandela as President in what has since become a historic visual in the minds of most South Africans. He encouraged students to assist the country and continent on how to build better lives for people and better societies. The error arose because of a confusion of names, said Samuels. Reality has it that, statistically, white candidate attorneys are more likely to be admitted as attorneys much quicker and efficiently than their black counterparts.

Analysis Niren Tolsi The task is to radically change this through expanded opportunities into all fields of law.

PhD most rewarding, challenging level

It must be paid back. This and other governance problems that prevailed must not be transferred to the new legal practice councils.

Quel avenir pour les acteurs du processus juridique? In the build-up to the election of the president, the DA had intimated that it would put its own candidate, but it was not to be.


The role and challenges of young legal professionals in defending our democracy and fighting poverty. While active in Azaso Nzimande completed his Honours and master’s degrees. The NIHSS has already renewed funding for South African doctoral students who enrolled inawarded another fellowships this year, as well as awarding fellowships to 74 students from other African countries.

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He also wrote various articles on violence, and assisted in the presentation of seminars. Politics Lester Kiewit There he met Jay Naidoo and began working informally with unions, addressing union seminars on job grading and other issues. New Members of Parliament take their oath.

bladd He completed a Psychology Honours degree at the University of Natal ina master’s degree in Industrial Psychology inand a PhD from the same university for a thesis titled The corporate guerrillas: South African Government News 7 hours ago. The parasitic bourgeoisie, thesix not exclusively, are an active driver of corruption and its manifestation in the form of corporate state capture. It came as a shock to see the letter addressed to me, in the package [of documents] Saqa sent me recently.

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News Editor Janine Arcangeli janine gcis. Education Jacques Coetzee Cabinet ministers to be sworn in. Here’s why we need it.


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Saqa admitted it erred when, init certified that the degree was the equivalent of a local doctorate.

blaade Africa Aaisha Dadi Patel He first became politically aware when Harry Gwala was released from Robben Island prison in and this was widely discussed in his community. Rather than compartmentalise themselves as career lawyers interested in money than the people, Slovo, Tambo and Mandela played an active role in the struggles of the oppressed, the exploited and the poor.

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Skip to main content. The first thesis calls for the reconfiguration of our Alliance to function in accordance with the principles of collective leadership and democratic consensus-seeking consultation on all major policy, deployment and accountability decisions.

blade nzimande thesis

In this regard, the role of young lawyers is to ensure that old order practices associated with the landscape of old order law societies are not carried forward to the new legal practice councils, both at national and provincial levels. Nzimande returned to university in and completed his degree in Firstly, it is absolutely important that you organise yourselves as you have done and are doing under the umbrella of NADEL. Nzimande lectured until June and then joined the University of Natal, Durban to lecture in the Psychology Department.