This reduces the power consumption and breakdown. It is used in measuring earth or ground resistivity; it has its own internal battery that it uses in powering itself and can also use an external battery as source of energy. It also occurs as major groundmass mineral with low-medium relief and strong birefringence colours Fig. The dykes cut across the foliation plane of the host rock. The map was first published in and modified in

The size of the plot is 2km x 2km. Biotites and muscovites generally make up the constituents of the matrix while majority of the clasts are quartz. The first layer is a very low resistivity layer of less than An example of very consistent brittle deformation over a wide intercontinental area: Some of the farmers produce palm oil in small quantities from the palm trees.

Otuo Metaconglomerate indicating occurrence of different types of clasts, igarfa Different clast types in Otuo metaconglomerate, b A big granite-gneiss clast in Otuo metaconglomerate, c Clasts of granite-gneiss in Igarra metaconglomerate and d Pinch and swell structure formed by quartzite in Igarra metaconglomerate.

However the WADI can be used to locate underground pipes and cables. The metasediments comprising Schists, Calc-gneiss, Metaconglomerate and Quartzites. Foliation when exhibited in the schists is called schistocity.

Cementing material tend to make them appear red. Compositionally, these porphrytic granites are composed of large feldspar crystals set in groundmass of quartz and biotites.

literature review of igarra

Traverses are then performed over the survey area at right angles to this direction. The rocks were then grinded down with a lapping machine to a thickness of kiterature hundredth of a millimetre such that every mineral in the rock become so thin that they will permit light to pass through them.


Structural elements in the two areas lineations, joints, faults, folds and matrix supported polymictic clasts indicate a highly strained area that has undergone ltierature deformation.

Dupe Ezekiel is thanked also for the provision of accommodation during this period while Messer s. The earlier deep-seated tectonic deformation initiated and propagated extension joints and veins parallel to the maximum compressive stress E-W trending.

The attitude of joints and veins as well as the length and width of veins were measured using standard structural analytical methods and analyzed using simple computer statistical tools. Its colour is green and reddish brown. Metaconglomerate is one of such rock in Igarra area with diverse structures. The lamprophyre, Syenite, and Dolerite occur as dykes. The schists are quart — biotite schists with some occurring close to the granite ridge migmatised migmatised schists.

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Petrogenesis of kimberlites and associated potassic lamprophyres from West Greenland. The vegetation igrara this area is mostly secondary i.

Metamorphosed to Unmetamorphosed Alkaline, Volcanic and Hyperbasal rocks: Where by half-slope technique was used for depth to basement rock and also euler software was used.

literature review of igarra

The need to carry out further geological and geophysical studies in the area could not be overemphasized. Metaconglomerate Texturally, the rock is prophyroblastic and is fine to medium grained. There is local quarrying of rocks such as granites and Quartzites iagrra construction work by the inhabitants.


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Raw real plotted against station distance 2. Beating down the bush when traversing.

literature review of igarra

One of the smooth surface is polished to allow good bonding. Composition of the Continental Crust. In most cases, the flattened pebbles lie in the schistocity plane of the surrounding rocks. C power interference e.

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Geological Survey of Nigeria Bulletin No. Introduction to Small-Scale Geological Structures. Before leaving a particular location, detailed physical description of the exposure was made, diagrams were drawn and occasionally photographs were taken after which samples were collected, labeled with appropriate location number identification data and finally put in the sample bag to be taken home for petrographical igarrx microscopic analysis.

Outcrops which are majorly observed are 1. Charnockitic rocks,Metagabbros, Pyroxene Diorite 5.

It was used for; a. This study discovers that the mineralogical composition of Igarra and Otuo metaconglomerates are similar except that feldspar is absent in that of Otuo. Journal of Geology and Mining Research.