Respondents Frequency Percentage Employed Quantitative and qualitative data collection methods were used to explore the variables of interest. Finally, the perceived poor quality of care in public health systems can be a major hindrance of UHC. Are you familiar with the objectives of NHIF? Preferred revenue collecting organization. The lessons of user fee experience in Africa.

National Health Insurance Fund deals with? The main motivation for enrolling into a scheme for those households that had health insurance coverage was to ease access to health care by reducing costs The social health insurance bill was passed in parliament but the president declined to sign it due to a mix of both technical and political reasons. The NHIF covers about 2. Data analysis Cross-sectional household survey data were double-entered into Visual FoxPro version 9.

literature review of nhif

There is indirect tax… If we are taxed and it is used [for health care] just as literathre is used to build roads, by the water ministry and for other services, the Ministry of Health should provide free medical treatment using indirect taxes.

Many low and middle income countries LMICs are currently considering how to reform their health care systems to provide effective financial risk protection for all, as part of universal health coverage UHC.

literature review of nhif

Failure to do this was viewed by many as a loss, more so because these contributions did not attract any interests. Therefore we are requesting you to fill this questionnaire and provide relevance information according to the instruction provided.

Key reasons for not enrolling in the schemes were high contribution rates, which were deemed unaffordable to many Relationship between education level and sex of respondents Table 6: Instruction Please choose or fill the correct answer in the appropriate box or in the given plane spaces.


literature review of nhif

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The majority of FGD respondents who were already enrolled in health insurance schemes reported that scheme membership was open to all regardless of socioeconomic status.

Respondents Frequency Percentage Employed The two tables below shows the clarification of the above quality and services rendered by NHIF and Rural Members as well as the respondent awareness. The current health ltierature system is highly fragmented, implying that the rich, who are mainly covered with the comprehensive NHIF, enjoy a wider range of benefits at all levels of facilities, while the poorest rely on out-of-pocket payments or CHF and mainly benefit from nhfi provided in public primary health facilities.

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Received Mar literathre Accepted Oct Other income generating activities included formal employment 6. In the financing strategy, membership of health insurance schemes will be compulsory for all Kenyans. Remember me on this computer. Questionnaires This is a data generation technique in which respondents such as; The NHIF beneficiaries and doctors provide written answers to written questions or statements that require factual information Best and Khan, Additionally, this kind of design allows the collecting of huge amount of data at a short period of time Kothari, However, none of the schemes had any literaturee to waive or subsidise contributions for the poorest groups, although it was reported, that CBHIs had different packages to care for people of different socio-economic status: Health systems in many low and middle-income countries have been funded predominantly through out-of-pocket OOP payments.

Therefore we are requesting you to fill this questionnaire and provide relevance information according to the instruction issued. All selected households participated in the survey regardless of whether they belonged to a health insurance scheme or not.


Research paper submission in india. I think the group [CBHI] must have originated from there and promoters are there almost every other Sunday.

It is possible that this liteature contributed significantly to their perceptions on health insurance and that these are likely to be different in other settings. Willing to make contributions to support health care for the poorest Kenyans. Most CBHIs packages allowed members to receive services from both public and private facilities Furthermore these automobile pharmacies will enable the NHIF members and others individual to participate fully in other economic activities essential for development of both levels namely personal and state level as the time for movements will be reduced.

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A list of villages where CBHIs operate was made, and 3 villages clusters were selected per district. Others felt that officials of the CBHIs were trying to educate people about the schemes through various channels, including churches, funerals and other social gatherings, but this information revirw not always reach everyone.

The first step involved developing a thematic framework based on the revieww on the interview guides. The World Health Report: Call-back visits were made to 20 randomly selected households in each district to verify data quality. Occupation of the Respondents. Age of the Respondents Table 2: