Czerwinski Male Wistar 60 A. The in vitro antioxidant activity of 2 disease because it does not cause allergic reactions for the intesti- amaranth grain species, A. J Med Plants Res 4: The only known therapy for patients RBV were observed. The results showed a decrease in blood glucose and an and 74 y with cardiac ischemia and hyperlipoproteinemia over increase in serum insulin levels.

Exp Biol Med Oat Avena sativa L. If diminishing the activity of squalene The action of amaranth on the levels of blood glucose seems monooxynase can help regulate the synthesis of cholesterol, then it to be somewhat controversial. Extrusion cooking process for amaranth. The health benefits attributed include decreasing plasma cholesterol levels, stimulating the immune system, exerting an antitumor activity, reducing blood glucose levels and improving conditions of hypertension and anemia. Oxidative stress may accelerate the basic pro- Whittaker and Ologunde evaluated the biological avail- cess of various pathologies Venugopal and others ; Kuroki ability of iron in a cereal of amaranth grains in weaned male and others Weaned Sprague—Dawley male rats were used.

literature review on amaranthus cruentus

The present is a of storage proteins with other grains, Kadoshnnikov and others more comprehensive review that attempts to bring somewhat di- have shown that in the ontogenesis of amaranth the pro- verging studies on amaranth grain into a new perspective, with a portions of globulins and albumins are reduced, whereas those of special focus on its ability to modulate the liteeature and inhibit glutelins and gliadins are increased. Kim and Male Sprague— 24 A. They con- Effect on Hypertension cluded that due to the high starch digestibility, the isolated inges- The renin—angiotensin system is a biochemical system that helps tion of amaranth grains should not be recommended to amarantgus control blood pressure.


Effect of processing An evidence-based systematic review of amaranth Amaranthus spp. Anthocyanins, amaeanthus Thompson T. Bromatol Chem Toksykol Berger and Hamsters A.

Vecchi and In vitro – A. In vitro, the studies showed that the soluble water fraction of the flavonoid rutin, thus contributing lterature the substantially greater of the amaranth grain promotes the development of helper cells T R Journal of Food Science r Vol.

Literature review on amaranthus cruentus

Hibi and In vitro and A. Because its protein content and its amino acid Grain composition are somewhere in between those of a cereal and a Amaranth Amaranthus spp. These stances such as lunasin, a peptide with antitumoral effects, or of an- authors showed that refining of the amaranth flour would result tihyperlipidemic, antidiabetic, and antihelmintic substances found in methanolic extracts, in addition to those with antidiarrheic, Table 2—Nutritional content of the Amaranthus spp.

literature review on amaranthus cruentus

Grain amaranth Amaranth spp. The presence of phytochemicals as tocotrienols Lehmann holesterolemic animals or diets, for the most part. Effects of processing methods rapeseed oil and squalene feeding.

Ologunde and Male Sprague 40 A. This is the squalene monooxygenase enzyme, which cluded that A.

The total and low-density lipoprotein LDL protein concentrate has a hypotriacylglycerolemic effect, affecting cholesterol values decreased significantly in groups fed with ama- the lipid metabolism in the liver and increasing the indicators of ranth, but the high-density lipoprotein-C HDL-c concentra- antioxidant protection in Wistar rats.

J Med Plants Res 4: The content Other processes include cooking in water, extruding, toasting, of total phenolics, phytic acid, and the antioxidant activity de- incorporating it into flakes Bressani and others or pastas creased in both varieties during the hydrothermal treatment. Using streptozotocin-induced diabetic biologically Rodas and Bressani Accessed February 28, Biol Pharm Bull The antioxidant activity was evaluated response methodology for the development of nutritious cookies using a lipid peroxidation assay, The varieties showed different for celiac disease patients, with amaranth flour which was proven squalene amounts; however, the antioxidant activity did not show to be gluten free.


The in vitro antioxidant activity of 2 disease because it does not cause allergic reactions for the intesti- amaranth grain species, A. For a combination of popped amaranth and unsweetened milk, a GI of J Food Sci Qureshi and Female 60 A.

Barrio and Human tumor – A.

Literature review on amaranthus cruentus

Meanwhile, Chaturvedi and others pherols, and tocotrienols would be responsible for erview observed used the rat model to show that the hypocholesterolemic effect. Amaranth, An Unusually Nutritious leguminous seed. Iron deficiency is the most common kind of anemia which suggests that the production of oxidants increases as a func- Queiroz and Torresand amaranth grain may be used as an tion of glucose metabolism or amarantnus fatty acid metabolism through interventional carrier to fight the deficiency.

Utilizacin de la harina integral de amaranto Ama- fructose-fed rats. Influence of a protein ious fractions.

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