After a brief encounter with their father, the siblings set out for the Competition, but on the way there, a traffic accident occurs, putting the students in danger. This page was last edited on 4 February , at Chiaki admits to working against Tatsuya personally, passionately believing that he is responsible for Kobayakawa’s accident during the Mirage Bat event of the Nine Schools Competition. Just as the group decides to evacuate to the shelter with everyone else, Major Kazama and Fujibayashi arrive and dispatches new orders to Tatsuya, revealing to everyone’s great surprise that he is a JSDF special operative. Tatsuya is approached by Sayaka Mibu, who wants his cooperation in a plan to put an end to the discrimination between the Blooms and Weeds at the school. The group deciphers the enemy’s motive to be to raid the Magic Association’s main database. The episode starts with Tatsuya and other airborne comrades obliterating an enemy mechanized battalion.

Despite a number of traps, the students are able to subdue the terrorists with no apparent injuries. After Mayumi and Jyumonji discuss the long-term effects that Tatsuya’s victory over Masaki the probable future head of the Ten Master Clans as the reputation of the Ten Master Clans could be tarnished, Tatsuya is asked by Jyumonji to join the Ten Master Clans by marrying Mayumi or one of her sisters. Lu Gonghu appears again, apparently to silence Sekimoto, but is defeated by the three and taken into custody. This page was last edited on 4 February , at Tatsuya and Masaki’s teams face off in the final match. At the convention, Juumonji elects to increase security and have all Joint Security Force members wear a bulletproof vest.

The Nine Schools Competition proceeds without further incident until the 1st High School Monolith Code’s junior participants get seriously injured due cmpetition foul play. Erika and Leo take a day off together to train Leo how to use lethal magic, with Erika believing that the conflict will more likely escalate to kill or be killed.


Some enemy soldiers recognize him as Mahesvaraa demon from 3 years ago who appears for revenge when his sister and mother was critically injured.

Tatsuya remains vigilant to thesid further accident and snaps when Miyuki’s CAD is sabotaged in front of his eyes. The event opens with a banquet where the students from the nine competing schools mingle, unaware that unknown enemies are about to turn the competition topsy-turvy.

Miyuki requests her brother’s permission to use Taurus Silver’s fly magic sequence and wins the event with no mahouma mistakes. The students in the helicopter are very curious about Tatsuya’s magic, which healed Kei and Kirihara’s wounds.

Appointed by Mayumi, Tatsuya is requested to compete and agrees to it after Juumonji’s persuasion. Zhou visits Chiaki and appears to cast a memory alteration magic so that she will forget about his involvement with her. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat One of Tatsuya’s team member Mari Watanabe is involved in a serious accident during the competition and the other students increase their cometition after Saegusa, Mayumi, and Tatsuya reveal that she was actually a victim of sabotage.

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The event is referred to as ‘Scorched Halloween’, the day where magic is recognized as the strongest weapon and magicians begin their era of glory and suffering.

When he loses, he uses magic in a follow-up attack, in contravention of the rules. The series uses four pieces of theme music: Views Read Edit View history. Tsuzura prevents a collapsed ceiling causes by Great Asian Alliance’s war machines. Tatsuya’s skills and wits have earned him and his sister the scrutiny of Mayumi Saegusa, Student Council president and Mari Competifion, leader of the Public Morals Committee.

The battle for the city continues, with notable First High members and Crimson Prince fighting back the attackers.

His first taste of action compeittion a confrontation between the kendo club and kenjutsu club.


Tatsuya & friends kill terrorists during Thesis Competition attack

Crimson Prince brutally kills the terrorists while his allies prepare a bus for their escape aboveground. Armed assailants assault the main hall, but are easily countered by Tatsuya after he inspires the other students to fight back.

thesis competition mahouka

After Sayaka is discharged from the hospital, Tatsuya and Miyuki’s normal school life moves on. On arriving at their hotel, Tatsuya and Miyuki are surprised to find Erika and Mizuki present. From traces that he is able to find, Tatsuya speculates that the incident was set up to look like a traffic accident but was instead a suicide attack.

thesis competition mahouka

Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Katsuto Jyumonji act to prevent the car from ramming into the bus. Mayumi invites Miyuki to join the Student Council as the first year representative but she initially declines and puts her brother’s name forward.

The group deciphers the enemy’s motive to be to raid the Magic Association’s main database. Retrieved 22 March Tatsuya rejects Sayaka’s offer and a group of Weeds led by her lock themselves in the broadcast room, creating a commotion at school. JSTthe premiere technically occurred on Sunday, April 6, Meanwhile, compeetition underground continues through the tunnels despite resistance, Mr.

Furthermore, he also casts Material Burst onto the Great Asian Alliance departing Navy battalions and their harbor using satellite view and ends the war before it even begin.

thesis competition mahouka

The episode starts with Tatsuya and other airborne comrades obliterating an enemy mechanized battalion. To his dismay, Mari informs Tatsuya that Shun Morisaki, the Course 1 student who started the altercation on their first day, is also joining the Committee on a faculty recommendation.

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