I see no problem with engaging in deliberate practice and preparation for something that is important to you. They all went to college. I did not go to TJ. I will concede that many middle school students I meet today applying to TJ have a questionable interest in STEM, but are still being herded into prep classes. Although I know you are making generalizations here, I completely agree. Routine is good for health — January 6, — shreyatakesuva. In another two years, my younger brother will do the same.

Sometimes Asian parents see only a few of these. Cell structure, reproduction, genetics, plant and animal life cycles and adaptations, human anatomy, and ecosystems are some of the concepts covered in the life science unit. It only took you less than No longer is it the case that a BS is enough. I remember taking a TJ practice test and preparation course before taking the test. The only thing that seems to still hire reliably without much goalpost moving are programming jobs, but that feels like another tech bubble. Chances are taken to be relished.

Just focus on that light. StudentVoice Like Liked by 1 person. Sure, they worked hard, ssummer they might have the luxury of letting their kids explore life because they always have the safety net of wealth.

I have plenty of friends and colleagues who are not happy after achieving a societal success making 7 digits and divorced.

The Middle School Program

I did when I was six. Creating small peer groups across elementary, middle, high school and college of kids who have experienced or currently being bullied to assist one another through that experience. I think only then the process will change.

In addition, students undertake an intensive study of grammar, from parts of speech through the rules of punctuation. They should run the school more like a college- no nightly homework, grades mostly from tests given to all classes at once.


They are still highly intelligent, but the are not humble. This piece reflects so many of my feelings homeworo my experience in my own school. After a review of fundamentals, students prepare exercises from a lesson book, and take on increasingly difficult ensemble and solo literature, and fluency on major and minor scales and arpeggios.

If 20, people apply to duke for spots, that means you have to outcompete 18, students. Imagine if you have 5 APs on your resume tjhast all 20 other people applying to duke from TJ have 10 APs on their resume?

tjhsst summer homework

Being a high-intellectual human being is encouraged — being well-rounded is not. The homswork examines Roman culture through the medium of connected Latin readings set in Pompeii and Roman Britain. I get your point about taking prep classes to make sure you get in because you want to get in, but I think what the original post is talking about are those people whose parents have forced them into prep classes in order to increase their chances of making TJ, when the students in question homewokr little to no desire to go to TJ and may not have what it takes to make it in TJ.

tjhsst summer homework

This article wonderfully articulated a lot of what students at my high school have been discussing. Studies hojework Art History cover an introduction to the esthetic and evolution of art from the primitive forms of the prehistoric period, to architectural monuments of ancient Egypt, to the highly advanced figure sculpting of the Greeks.

2019 TJ Summer Reading Lists

How would it turn out if you did? Okay… that sounds like something a lot of people would criticize immediately, but let me explain….

Not taking the test was not an option, so I failed it on purpose. But how I deal with the situation will change my lifestyle or my life. Kindness campaigns are beginning in our schools here. Success is about happiness, relationships, and helping others making a difference in the world.


My science-loving kid decided to apply to TJ a few years ago.

However, for example, the preparation is being forced on the students by their parents. Kids straight-up lying to their teachers, stealing answers from their classmates, and taking cellphones into tjhss rooms. Students learn basic skills and strategies through lead-up games and activities.

Thomas Jefferson – The Middle School Program

I had the option of attending such a school, but for personal reasons chose not to. Everyone excelled at such a high level that I was little more than average with a school that would have put me way higher at a normal public school. I was a high-achieving, mostly AP student involved in leadership for many organizations, but I had no interest in STEM I wanted to be a journalist then and still doso I did not understand why I needed to apply for this program. But both had extra curricular activities that they excelled in and it was those extra curricular activities that gave them their confidence and ability to tough it homeworo in college.

Trying to raise my kids differently.

tjhsst summer homework

I turned down TJ for years because I knew I would not fit in with my sarcastic sense of humor. Two were run of the mill average students in high school.

Especially the cake part.