Please also visit the requirements page of this website for more detailed information on subbing a course. First and last name of committee member: You should definitely have regularly scheduled meetings with your thesis chair. The thesis topic will vary depending on the field of study. Students typically find that completion of an honors thesis is viewed quite favorably by professional and graduate school admission committees, as well as by prospective employers.

The thesis length is dictated by the professional norms of your particular field of study. Will this thesis require IBC approval? Honors Thesis prior to graduation. This is a federal, not a University or honors college regulation. The oral presentation typically consists of a 15 to 20 minute overview of your thesis work. In the sciences, social sciences, business and education, this is generally a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation including a description of the motivation for your work, a summary of related work, the approach you used, the results obtained, your conclusions and their significance.

The committee members need not be WMU faculty, but should have expertise relevant to your topic of study.

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This course must be completed the semester you plan to defend your thesis, thesi not before. Engineering and the fine arts defenses are typically handled a little differently see below. Fill in your proposed thesis topic, attach a one-page general description of the work to be done, and have your thesis chair respond to the follow up email confirming they are committed thseis serving as your thesis mentor. If there is any question that your proposed research might need WMU-IRB approval, you should check with your thesis chair, the honors college dean or associate dean who reviewed your proposal, or directly contact the WMU-IRB before you proceed with your work.


Semester and calendar year accepted to the honors college: Resources for Honors Students.

Thesis Declaration Form

Ask your thesis committee what they think is reasonable. Thesis Declaration Honor, this form should be submitted at least three semesters before you intend to graduate.

Attach a brief, not more than 1 one page description of your topic: In most cases, the written thesis is pages long. For some students especially in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and occasionally in the sciences and the College of Health and Human Servicesresearch conducted for the honors honorz contains proprietary information that cannot be released to the general public. This need not be formal, although your committee honorss likely appreciate it if you provide them with a one- or two-page summary of your proposed work a few days before the meeting; this will allow them time to consider your proposal and offer you valuable guidance.

This experience should help you to get into professional or hhonors school, find a job and excel in your chosen profession. Students are urged to use caution if they are approached by publishers offering to publish their theses.

wmu honors thesis

This course counts toward the Experiential portion of your honors credit hour requirement. If yes, please contact the Research Compliance Office at The honors thesis prepares students to stand out in the employment or graduate study application process. The thesis topic will vary depending on the field of study.

I head that the thesis is supposed to be at least 50 pages or pages or pages or Overview The honors thesis is a long-standing tradition in honors programs jonors colleges, including the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University.

Honors Thesis Handbook

It is a good idea to arrange an initial meeting wmj your chair and committee in which you present a brief thesis proposal. Additional committee member department: Do not worry if your ideas are still a bit nebulous when you proceed to step three.


wmu honors thesis

To graduate from the Lee Honors College, all students must complete and successfully defend an honors thesis. Submit your thesis defense certificate request form at least one month before thesis defense Once you have honorw on a thesis defense date, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form.

The committee could include faculty from the same or another department or college at WMU, faculty from another institution, graduate students, WMU staff, or members of the broader community. Also, be open-minded in your discussions. The thesis topic will vary depending on the field of study.

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Leave this field blank. All College of Fine Arts BFA students submit a written document detailing their experience, the context or history of their performance e.

Recommendation for amendment usually occurs for one of three reasons: The chair should treat you as an advisee or a collaborator, not as an employee or a student completing a specific class assignment.

wmu honors thesis

It is intended to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills developed during your undergraduate studies at WMU. What can I expect from my thesis chair?

Thesis Checklist Now that you’ve carefully and thoroughly read through the thesis handbook, bookmark or print out this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during your thesis process!