We will have another dinner next month. For more information on your benefits and how to use them, please visit our Veterans Services page. Jessica and her husband, James, showed off pics of their new baby super cute! Do I have to reapply? Maria, Eric, and several others learned how class projects – outlines, papers, presentations, etc. Also, the Writing Center has a dedicated Graduate Assistant to help you with your written thesis and contacting them early in the process will be of great benefit to you! You can also call him at or swing by his office in the Killgore Research Center, room

Then, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, we discussed the recent developments in zombie television! Looking forward to next month’s dinner! Students must regain a 3. An interesting question at the end of our meeting concerning the intellectual property rights of university funded research had a very interesting answer. Only classes in which a grade of A or B was earned may be transferred.

Edward and John attended; both of whom have been active in recent recruiting efforts. Back to Top Which foreign credential evaluators have been approved by the University? It contains guideliens 43 million records describing library holdings.

wtamu thesis guidelines

Thesis and dissertation students who have completed all coursework must be continuously enrolled until their thesis or dissertation is completed. Pjesky back to present on WT’s Thesis Guidelines. GCW is known for their burgers and their chicken fried steak.


wtamu thesis guidelines

Do you need those transcripts? Student debt is one of today’s hot topics and regardless of whether you are a young person working on your first degree or an older, non-traditional student, budgeting is important for all adults. We are looking forward to a set of workshop presentations put on by the Writing Center that will take an in-depth look at the writing process and the services they provide. Wtamy who are required to take comprehensive exams must apply to take guidelones exam with their academic department.

Do you accept Hazlewood benefits?

How can I look for theses or dissertations? Applicants should contact their respective local or county licensing authority for more details. You must apply for graduation even if you do not plan to attend the commencement ceremony. Please review our application and admission steps for detailed instructions on how to apply to graduate guideliens at WTAMU. Fast-food is more expensive both monetarily and temporally just think about how much time it takes to get to and through the drive-up window — I could have made a meal at home in less time.

Back to Top How do I request an official degree plan official plan of study? Back to Top Are there any guidelines to prepare for my thesis or dissertation? What is a foreign credential evaluation?

Theses & Dissertations

Watch the Career Assessment and Planning presentation. Search What am I searching? Do you enjoy research? How do I change my graduate major? Jorje and Cailyn discussed news and theories in psychology while enjoying a delicious dinner and the wonderful atmosphere of Rain Sushi Bar for the Cohort Dinner.


West Texas A&M University

I want to take a few courses without pursuing another degree non-degree seeking. Due to limited resources, some departments and programs will not allow non-degree students to take courses.

February 7, – PSD: In order for your guidelinws to be considered official, it must be sent to our university directly from the issuing institution whether on paper and still in the sealed envelope or a certified electronic copy.

It was a wonderful evening of interesting conversation and meeting new people as Cailyn is new to the group. Baum, Watch The Tie that Binds: This statement can be emailed to graduateschool wtamu. We discussed the many benefits AGEP provides its members like scholarships, conference travel funds, and select access to professional development networks and workshops.

wtamu thesis guidelines

Students must regain a 3. Graduate students may take a maximum of fifteen 15 hours per long semester and seven 7 hours per summer session. Back to Top Where do I send my admission materials?